30 minutes drive south-east from Bunbury is the small town of Dardanup, the entrance point to the Ferguson Valley, one of the most picturesque regions in the South West. The Ferguson Valley countryside consists of rolling hills reminiscent of the Dales region in the UK, rich dairy farming country and a growing wine region.

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This is something you have to see to believe! Gnomes for as gfar as you can see. Thousands of them. Everywhere. Under trees, in little houses, along the fence, next to the river. All sorts and sizes from all over the world. What started as a small…

Opened in 1897 as the State School, this charming Heritage building was home to up to twenty primary age school children up until 1971. The building is now used as the Visitor Centre for the Ferguson Valley region, including Gnomesville. It is…

Built somewhere around 1856, the Thomas Little Memorial Hall in the heart of Dardanup is a delightful and well maintained building which could provide an interesting and unusual setting. It is located directly opposite the Old School visitor centre.

Originally the old Dardanup convent, this beautiful old building is now a House of Prayer belong to the Catholic Diocese of Bunbury. It is conveniently located opposite the Visitor Centre and next to the Memorial Hall, making this vicinity quite an…

Set on sprawling grounds on the main corner of Dardanup is the old Catholic Parish building, built in 1938. The building is quite distinctive and impressive and neighbours the House of Prayer and Thomas Little Memorial Hall.