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Long Pool is just one of many beautiful swimming spots in the Wellington National Park, located 18km west of Collie. With magnificent stands of jarrah, marri and blackbutt forests, Wellington NP is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna and is…

Located only 3km south of Collie townsite on Mungalup Road, this wide stretch of the Collie River is a beautiful and tranquil spot for swimming, fishing and canoeing.

Wellington Dam was developed on the Collie River as a Hydro Power Station. It provides quite a spectacular sight and offers an abundance of potential sites that may be suitable for filming.

You could be somewhere up the Amazon, or shivering with trepidation around Cape Fear, or maybe watching out for Anacondas, or simply enjoying a romantic cruise under the stars. Whatever the storyline, the possibilities are endless. These houseboats…